Annirash (2017) is a fashion brand inspired by Mexican culture with a National presence, which seeks to merge contemporary design with the cultural richness of Mexico.

The brand's garments reflect the dynamism that can exist between fashion design and Mexican culture, being carried out under a working system between indigenous peoples and fashion designer, resulting in each of Annirash's garments.

It seeks to reinterpret culture under fashion design with direct collaboration with each of the artisans who are an essential part of the brand.

Our brand was born with the firm idea of representing elementary values such as honesty, respect, loyalty, and humility. Without them the brand would not exist.

We communicate folklore in each of the garments, always offering excellent service to fashionistas, producers and competitors.
Through the business model that we have established, we reach out in solidarity with indigenous peoples and women who seek a fresh and different image.

It is essential to ensure that the various aspects of creative diversity connect with our designs in a vibrant way. This element provides trust and empathy.



Sharinna Aguilar has a degree in fashion design from the University of Guadalajara, a graduate par excellence and with studies in clothing and textile design from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

In 2017 I founded the Annirash brand, focused on contemporary design, whose mission is to enhance women through sophistication and elegance, integrating key elements of Mexican culture, such as indigenous embroidery.

With his brand, he has participated in key events in Mexico City and Guadalajara, one of the most recent was the designer catwalk within the framework of Intermoda. He has dressed celebrities and bloggers such as Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, Romina Sacre, Michelle Renaud, Estefania Ahumada among others. Currently, it has 10 points of sale nationwide and has internationalization plans in 2021.